The aims of WA Midwest Yilgarn Infrastructure Group Inc are to promote:

• The collaboration and interests of prospective and current miners of all commodities, agriculture, infrastructure providers and their supply chain partners and communities to enhance the development and accessibility of infrastructure 

• Ensuring  fair access to infrastructure including port (storage, loaders/un-loaders and above/below rail)

• Road Upgrades and RAV rating 

• Engagement with infrastructure providers, all levels of Government (Federal/State/Local) and agencies,  local communities, indigenous people, industry associations, unions and the media 

• Supporting initiatives to cut red tape and development of a State Magnetite policy drawing on its timely Battery products policy

• Highlighting the Midwest, Yilgarn and Goldfields substantial economic contribution to WA's economy

• Highlighting the benefits our companies make in supporting the WA economy

• Keeping key stakeholders updated and briefed

• Liaising with elected members and ministers


Mining companies, infrastructure providers, grain handlers, government, agencies and contractors are members including:

Mindax Ltd
Macarthur Minerals
Juno Minerals
Audalia Resources
Atlas Iron
Tulla Resources
GWR Group
Tungsten Mining NL
CuFe Ltd
Gold Valley Group
Newcam Minerals
Vocatus Resources
Pilbara Resources Group
Reedy Lagoon/Lithium Australia


Southern Ports Authority
Pacific National, Aurizon, Arc Infrastructure, Qube, Hampton Transport, Martinus
Mobile Concrete Solutions

Co-operative Bulk Handling (associate)

Goldfields Esperance Development Commission, 
Northern Goldfields Working Group
Shires of Menzies, Wiluna, Laverton

WA Mineals Research Institute (associate)

GVROC (associate)

Wayne Glendenning Anthropologist

Founding Chairman Gary Lyons (GWR Group Chairman)

David Utting Secretary/Executive Officer

At its inaugural meeting in March 2020, predominately iron ore companies joined together to form the WA Midwest Yilgarn Infrastructure Group however the Group welcomes membership from miners of other commodities, agricultural and all organisations and communities with interests in improving, delivering and/or utilising infrastructure.

WA MYIG Inc is registered with the West Australian Department of Commerce (IARN: A1034602Z under the Associations and Incorporation Act 2015 (Section 10)) as a not-for-profit organisation incorporated on the 13th May, 2020.

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