Working to enhance Western Australian regional infrastructure and provide fair and open access for junior and mid-tier miners and other businesses

Western Australian-based, WA MYIG Incorporated works with miners, infrastructure providers, small and medium businesses, local communities,  Government (Federal, State and Local) and agencies to deliver fair and open access to ports, rail, roads, pipelines, energy and telecommunications in the Midwest, Goldfields, Yilgarn and Pilbara regions.

Primarily representing smaller and mid-tier miners of all commodities, agriculture, infrastructure providers and their supply chain partners and communities, WA MYIG Inc promotes strong links with key stakeholders in order to work together on infrastructure opportunities, solutions and bottlenecks.

WA MYIG Inc is registered with the West Australian Department of Commerce (IARN: A1034602Z under the Associations and Incorporation Act 2015 (Section 10)) as a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to working to enhance local businesses' access to infrastructure.

David Utting  executive officer


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